Jay Adams

Quick Facts

I'm Jay Adams, a licensed teacher with 16 years of experience, including 6 years running a private school. I specialize in test prep (ACT and SAT) and Math/Science tutoring.

I meet with students online via Google Hangouts or in person in the Montgomery, Alabama, area.



I began as an English teacher. After a brief flirtation with medical school, I wound up with a math and science certification. After ten years of school administration—including six as the director of a small private school—I realized I had a lot more fun teaching than I did managing.

My favorite teaching moment is simple: when students call me to say “I already knew everything my freshman chemistry teacher covered.”



Renjie and I get along well because we think so similarly about teaching. It doesn’t matter what may have worked for other students; the only thing that matters is what works for the student in front of me right now.

My telos—my purpose—lies in helping students understand that once they learn how to learn, they won’t actually need a teacher anymore. Helping students figure that out about themselves is the best part of my career.



I'm happily married and the proud parent of three children.

When I’m not teaching, I’m probably reading, cooking, or arguing on Twitter about things that don’t matter anyway.

Jay Adams