Ren Abraham

Quick Facts

I'm Ren, a licensed teacher with 10 years of classroom experience.

I specialize in test prep (ACT & SAT; GRE & GMAT) and academic tutoring.

I meet with students online or in person in the North Shore area of Illinois.



I've taught in lots of settings:

  • US and overseas (Rwanda)
  • North (Illinois) and South (Alabama)
  • urban and suburban
  • public and private
  • secular and religious
  • Math, Physics, and Social Studies
  • middle and high school

I've tutored:

  • individuals and groups
  • in schools, tutoring centers, homes, libraries, and cafés
  • in person and online

My favorite setting is working 1-on-1, but some group classes are in the works, so let me know if you're more comfortable with that approach.



Every student can learn but learns differently. I founded Telos Tutors in 2016 to leave behind one-size-fits-all schooling and offer help that's personable and personalized.

My telos–helping people groworients me towards a life of lasting significance and satisfaction. I encourage you to find your telos* and run after it, and I would be honored to help you with that pursuit.

*an ultimate object or aim



I'm happily married and the proud parent of two homeschooled kids. I enjoy reading, running, singing, educational technology, and modernist cooking.